A Place to Make Mistakes

We all need a place to make mistakes.

We all need a chance to get it wrong.

The weight of the world can pull us down.

Guilt we feel or forget from breath to breath.

Reactions of others affect us in some way.

Internal systems function or fall apart.

Settings determine levels of impact.

Casualties yield consequences.

Survival of some seems arbitrary,

But it's never that simple.

Practicing for life wherever we can,

Trying to do something well,

We can grow beyond those difficult moments

When we have a place to make mistakes.


  1. Nicely done. I like how the ending could be taken two ways; that place to make mistakes can come before or after you grow beyond the difficulties by doing things well. After all, we want to get things right but mistakes also teach us and help us improve.

  2. I like the idea of place to make mistakes and learn by them, I guess we all make mistakes it's just that some haunt us longer than others.

  3. Click on the essay and articles mistakes to find what you are doing wrong and fix it.