Children in the Rain

Three happy children walk over fallen leaves. When the rain pours down, they seek shelter. But shelter cannot always be found, so they do not always smile.

They grow into adults with different attitudes about the rain. One stands in a puddle, arms to the sky, and lets her hair and clothes get soaked. Another carries an umbrella and dodges gathering streams. The third stays inside, waiting out the storm.

When they see each other they embrace. They talk about old times and new, other people in their lives. But they do not discuss the rain because it has always fallen, and they suspect it always will.


  1. This was sad, in a way, but I'm glad they remained friends.

  2. It's interesting how we humans react to the same circumstance - I loved the differences and yet their ability to be together regardless of it. Now wouldn't that be a wonderful thing if the whole world could embrace that idea. ^_^ Allow each to be different and accept that reality.