Just Imagine

"Dear friends, do you know the secret to eternal happiness? Our team found it and we're willing to share. Imagine yourself imagining a life without borders, a life unrestrained, a life of true freedom. Now imagine imagining that life every day for the rest of your life. Get there mentally. We will show you how to get there in the real world.

Life can be so simple, and yet so many of us complicate our lives. We fixate on the day to day minutiae instead of focusing on what really matters. Sure, we all have to eat. But do we have to torture ourselves every day, work our fingers to the bone, cause ourselves insufferable amounts of stress just to get by? The answers to these questions and many others you may have is: 'no.'

Is there a way to live your life the way you want, every day, do the things you want to do, every day, and be able to support yourself financially? The answer to these questions and many others like them is: 'yes.'

So, how do we do it? There are a variety of ways. You will have to make some decisions that at first may seem difficult: change the way you eat, use different products than you use today or use some of the same products you use today in different ways, move to a different part of the country or perhaps to a different country (what a great opportunity to explore the world!), spend a lot of time meeting in person or speaking on the phone or tweeting / facebooking / instagrammingtoning with a lot of people you haven't met yet (but you'll have an opportunity to meet them soon!) and also with a lot of people you already know, and a bunch of other stuff we'll need you to do that we can talk about later. But then, once we get through all of that hulabahoo, then you'll be part of our team and you'll be truly free.

If you've read this far and you're thinking, where do I sign up?, send me a private message and we can get started today. If this note hasn't convinced you that you need to join us today (though I can't imagine how that's possible), think about the opportunity we're offering you and imagine what you'll be missing if you don't join us. Five years from now, ten years from now, twenty years from now – you don't want to have any regrets. Don't be that regretful, mentally incarcerated person who could've been free. Seriously, don't do it. Join us today."


  1. Well, imagine that! Sounds like a good deal to me ^_^

  2. Clever... they didn't mention the name of "us" so we can't go Googling about them!

  3. I'm not signing up, there's gotta be a catch somewhere. :)

  4. I simply cannot imagine the imagination required to imagine the imagining of one who has imagined such world of imagined imaginations!

    I really enjoyed this :-)

  5. What perfect use of tone -- so intense and sincere, but so maddeningly vague on details. I loved the doubled layers of imaginings.