A Philadelphian Conversation - Number Three

The doorbell rang and I assumed, because it had been snowing all day, that it would be Scott with a shovel. I set a little bowl of spaghetti down on the table and looked out the window to see who it was. Scott had already started shoveling, so I opened the door and told him I'd pay five dollars when he finished.

When he knocked on the door again, he said "You know they stole my bike" and I said "Really?" and he said "You don't seen me on it, do you?"

I shook my head to indicate that indeed, I had not seen him on it.

He said "My own people took it from me! My own people took my bike."

"How do you know that?"

"'Cause I couldn't catch 'em. They was too fast. I had it locked up and everything and they came up with one of them clippers and cut it loose." He sighed. "I had that bike fourteen years."

I told him about what happened to me a few months back when I was assaulted by a random person walking down the street, and how I got away before the guy and some other guy he was with were able to rob me, which, I told Scott, was certainly their intention. He said "You lucky man" and I gave him the five dollars and he turned to leave.

As he walked away, he shouted back to me "I'll get me another bike! You'll see! I'll get me another one!" The snow came down on him beneath the streetlights, and I realized it was coming down on me too.


  1. Oh life can be so unfair at times can't it. I loved the dialogue between the two, it really made me feel I was there watching the story unravel.

  2. Bikes are not much fun in the snow anyway.... ;-)

  3. Wait, what happened? Did they get buried in snow?

  4. Someone else's people would have slow enough for him to catch them?

    Love the dialogue!

  5. Crime is rife everywhere nowadays, and I think most people are affected by it at some time.
    I hope Scott gets a thicker chain for his next bike, although I tend to think that if the low-lifes want something - they will find a way of getting it.

  6. A nice piece. I liked the little touches, like the bowl of spaghetti, to help set the scene with a minimum of description.

  7. Before we bought our house, I had three bikes stolen from the places we lived. I feel his pain.