Desire and Nothing

Desire originating within, influenced by outside forces, aiming in various directions. Survival instinct can go too far. Self awareness fights insecurities revealed around others.

The desire of the moment or of a lifetime: to create something positive. Driving oneself beyond basic needs can lead to threatening levels of excess. Power seduces and the true self fades away, hides away, sometimes too far gone to be found.

To just be can get lost. The privilege of survival and self awareness are often lost with it, but those who hold onto that basic knowledge are rewarded by the knowledge itself.


  1. Desire is indeed a strange beast, it drives us as you say to extremes or it can make us fade away. I loved thhe last two sentences because they sum it all up really.

  2. Yeah, we become so consumed by what we want, we forget who we are.

  3. Yeah, the concept of "enough" seems to have been eroded. I have friends who almost seem like they feel guilty if they're not either working on acquiring more or consuming something.