"We stand at the sight of that ineffable tragedy, that place where the enemies of all that's good and holy had their brief victorious moment over all that's good and holy, that very plot of land where our hearts were all broken.

"But today we gather not to hang our heads in despair, not to cry on the shoulder of our neighbors, not to sulk in self pity for our loss.

"Rather, we're here to celebrate the future, to embrace opportunity, to sing and dance and frolic! Well, we won't actually do any singing or dancing, but frolicking is okay.

"Please accept my invitation to open your hearts and minds and, of course, your wallets! Without further ado, I welcome you to THE STORE. Come forth and enter and browse and buy! We've got everything you could ever want to commemorate the events of that deplorable day: knickknacks, trinkets, widgets, thingamabobs, and statuettes, plus milk and cigarettes at the state mandated minimum price.

"Come one, come all. Come depressed or tranquil or euphoric. But leave with less money and a big bag of stuff! It'll make you feel better, we hope.

"Let's never forget that day. Let's remember it by shopping."


  1. Excellent point to bring up. Well done.

  2. "Let's never forget that day. Let's remember it by shopping": And exhortation distinctly ... American (big sigh). Nicely written (as always).

  3. Such a sad truth in our world and you've told the story very well Richard.
    (Deanna Schrayer)

  4. Haha... Surely anyone who did that would be lynched!

  5. There's always someone who's going to make a profit out of a bad situation, isn't there?

  6. Ha! Excellent point - loved it Richard.

  7. A really good point well made! I liked this a lot.

  8. Ouch. Truth hurts. Truth as a sales pitch hurts even more. The last paragraph really nails it!

  9. This has sent me on the search for a song from a while ago. Can't remember the name of it or even who sings it but the gist of the song has to do with shopping. Now this is going to bug me for the rest of the day.

    1. Sorry, adding in a link because I finally remembered the song. The Bare Naked Ladies song "Shopping"