It Two

It's that daily work. It's waking at dawn to take five hundred jump shots. It's left and right handed layups and hitting twenty straight free throws before you go to class. After class, it's an hour of lifting and an hour or running.

It's getting back on the court after dinner. Another five hundred jumpers, left and right handed layups, twenty straight free throws.

It's the fourth quarter and there are three seconds left in the game. It's the tournament and it's your senior year and your team's down by a point and coach calls a play to get you open. It's a shot you've made thousands of times before, but this time you miss.

It's getting up the next day and taking another five hundred shots if that's still what you want to do. It's looking in the mirror and knowing they'll never all go in. It might not be jump shots next year, it may be something else. But it starts early and ends late and it means something to you, whatever it is.

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  1. You'll have to forgive me here Richard, are you talking baseball? I'm confused with terminology - Whatever it is I enjoyed reading it ^_^ I guess sometimes when everyone in your team is depending on you it can be a hard thing to live up to.

  2. Something to be said for doing things for yourself first, that has to be enough for you. But I was a little confused about the sports as well, thought maybe it was comparing several in order to show the same driving spirit in each one. :)

  3. Practice, practice, practice, but you still have to get it right when it really counts.

  4. Perfect accompaniment to March Madness Richard.